Debt Consolidation

Many of our clients could be greatly helped if they could qualify for a debt consolidation. Unfortunately, banks usually need collateral, such as a house or a vehicle, to guarantee the loan. They also require a great credit rating. For those who do not qualify for a bank loan, we have developed a way to consolidate all your payments into one monthly payment. Your monthly financial commitments will drop substantially, and your interest rates will drop dramatically. You could save thousands of dollars.

What is debt consolidation?

When we are talking about debt consolidation, we mean that we can take several of the debts that you have and we commit to paying them off on your behalf. We have the best relationship and agreements with all creditors. If AAA Credit Counsellors & Debt Consultants takes on your debt and commits to pay your creditors monthly on your behalf, then most creditors will drop their current interest rate to 0%. This results in huge savings to our clients. For example: a credit card, paying a minimum monthly payment of $100 would take you a minimum of 7 years to pay off. On our program of consolidation, it would be paid off in four years or less. That’s $100 × 36 payments = $3,600 in savings. And this is only one creditor.

We handle all kinds of debt. We cannot include mortgages and other secured bank loans or leases.

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Our Program of Debt Consolidation helps you get out of debt faster

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