Money Management and Counselling Sessions

Schools have failed to prepare us for our financial futures. Unless our parents were good with money and took the time to teach us, how is the average person supposed to know what to do or how to do it? AAA Credit Counsellors & Debt Consultants have prepared some money management and counselling sessions that can be conducted in person, or over the phone in only one hour. During that time, the counsellor will prepare a personalized budget for you. He will tell you how to be able to live by the budget and achieve your financial goals. Your net worth will be calculated, and any other questions pertaining to financial management will be answered. We will also discuss ways to save money, invest money, and spend money. The cost is only $30.00. This will help you plan for the future.

Counselling for Teenagers

We also have a one-hour session for teenagers. We discuss the three most important things needed to stay out of debt. We discuss who to date and how to marry so that financial stress may never be a part of the marriage equation. We also talk about investments and how to guarantee financial success in life.