About Us

  • We have a long lasting history in the  financial sector
  • Our counsellors have over 15 years in Credit Counselling
  • Our service is highly professional, yet personable and friendly
  • Canadian government licensed and bonded
  • All client files are confidential
  • Excellent cooperation from creditors

Credit Counsellors and Debt Consultants Serving BC, Yukon, and Saskatoon

Who Needs Debt Consolidation?

  • If you are struggling to keep up monthly payments
  • If creditors or collection agencies are phoning
  • If the bank won’t loan you money
  • If you have considered bankruptcy
  • If you are experiencing stress
  • If you are a struggling business owner
  • Good or bad credit

Why Use Us for Debt Consolidation?

  • We act as a mediator
  • We negotiate a repayment schedule that works
  • We negotiate the lowest possible payments and eliminate all interest
  • We are Government Licensed / Bonded

We Can Help!

Fill out an application online so we can help you get out of debt. We offer free financial advice, consolidation of ALL your debt, free budgeting and managing your money sessions, and we can negotiate cash settlements.